General information and the route

Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2016

From July 16 (177 hrs) to July 23 18.00

From July 17 (144 hrs) to July 23 09.00


Route:   Part 1        Part 2       Part 3


Information on the final stage of your journey to Katterjokk/Riksgränsen

  • Trains can be booked from 4 March.
  • The time table for the buses from Kiruna Airport are expected to be announced in April or May.
  • Accomodation in Katterjokk Apartments: If there are no vacancies on you can try


Distance: 2100 kilometer.
Starting date: Saturday 16 July and Sunday 17 July.
Starting time: 16 July: 09:00 (maximum time: 177 hrs). 17 July: 09:00 (maximum time 144 hrs).
Starting from: Riksgränsen: 68°26’5.4″N 18°6’29.4″E
Finishing in: Smygehuk: 55°20’14.1″N 13°21’35.9″E
Maximum entries: 80. A waiting list will be applied.
No qualification needed.

In case of retiring you have to manage the transport to Smygehuk yourself.

This event is open to solo bicycles; tandems; recumbents, velomobiles and trikes. The bike has to be equipped with brakes. Electrically assisted bikes are not permitted.

Manned controls along the route: One.
Traffic etc: The route goes through less populated areas. No large cities. Almost only minor roads in the southern half. No roads with regularly heavy traffic. Under 12 000 meters of altitude gain. Few, short stretches of 8-10% gradients.

Lodging and food along the route: An updated list with tips will be announced in May.
Recommended lodgings before the start:

1. The Katterjokk Apartments in Katterjokk (Katterjåkk) 2 km south of start line. (

2. The STF Hostel at Riksgränsen Resort, 1 km south of the start line.

Lodging in Smygehuk: The Smygehuk Hostel, one night included in the fee.

Getting to the start:
By air: To Kiruna  or Narvik  (Norway).
By train: The train station in Katterjåkk is 150 meters from the lodging and the Riksgränsen station is 100 meters from the hostel. Your bike has to be completely covered while on the train (in the passenger compartment). No booking or extra cost needed. Mustn’t require more space than a ”standard bike”.
By coach: Direct from Kiruna/Airport via service 91. Different services to Kiruna from.
Going home: You can fly either from Malmö or Copenhagen (Denmark). You reach Germany and Poland with ferries from Trelleborg, 14 km from Smygehuk. Buses go via Trelleborg.
Fee: 3400 SEK, 1 May-20 June. No entry will be registered after 20 June.1
The fee is not refundable but you can let another person take your place.

What’s in the fee?
Transport of your bike bags to Smygehuk.
Manned checkpoint in Östersund, 960 km (shower, sleeping facilities, food, and mechanic). This checkpoint is in a new location for 2016.
A bagdrop in Östersund.
For the Swedish riders: Folksams Startklar och Startklar Plus gör det möjligt att få tillbaka hela startavgiften om du blir sjuk efter 20 april.
A meal before the start.
Manned arrival at Smygehuk. We have the hostel, an old lighthouse keeper´s home to ourselves. Food on arrival 24 hrs and breakfast if you stay overnight.
A medal after finishing within maximum time.

Organized by Randonneurs Sverige in cooperation with CK Distans.