1. Drafting is not allowed in the solo division. The draft produced during the overtaking of another racer has to be kept to a minimum.
  2. Riders have to leave a space of at least 30 meters/100 feet between them and other racers and support vehicles.
  3. All kinds of bicycles are allowed except e-bikes.
  4. Racer must wear a helmet while riding.
  5. Racer shall use powerful lights between 20.00 and 8.00 hrs: white in front and red in rear. A spare set of strong lights in working order must be available throughout the race.
  6. You must wear a highly visible vest and wear reflective ankle bracelets at 20.00-8.00 hrs.
  7. The crew must wear reflective vests or equivalent day and night when not in the car.
  8. Solo racer and tandem can have one support vehicle, a follow vehicle. The two-man team may have two support vehicles. The one serving as a follow vehicle must be a passenger car.
  9. Racer and follow vehicle must stay close between 20.00 and 8.00 hrs (Direct follow). The racer must not advance without the support vehicle during that time.
  10. The vehicle serving as a follow vehicle must have at least two drivers. A second support vehicle (teams) must have at least two persons of which one is a driver.
  11. A first aid kit has to be carried in all cars.
  12. The teams: The support vehicle must be completely off the road when providing support from the side of the road (“leapfrog”) or exchanging riders. Rolling exchanges are allowed during the day. At night all exchanges must be made after coming to a full stop.
  13. Racers or support vehicles must not impede traffic.
  14. Upon arrival at a Time Station (TS), the Head Quarters (HQ) must be notified within 30 minutes except at the last TS where it has to be done within 10 minutes.
  15. If leaving the race route the racer must return to the point where she or he left the route, to continue racing. That is allowed to do in a car.
  16. If the racer stops for a longer time than one hour, crew has to report stopping and starting times to the HQ.
  17. In order to be an official finisher the racer must ride the entire course within the allotted time.
  18. If racer abandons the race HQ must be notified.
  19. If violating any of these rules a penalty of 30 minutes may be issued at each occasion. If racer or support vehicle doesn’t stop at a stop sign a penalty of 120 minutes will be issued. A racer or support vehicle running a red light may lead to an immediate disqualification.



(Lon Haldeman, winner of the first RAAM)