Välkommen till CK DISTANS!

CK Distans är en förening för randonné- och ultracyklister i hela Sverige.

Vi arrangerar brevetlopp varje år, vart fjärde år gäller de som kvalificering för Paris-Brest-Paris. Våra startplatser 2016 – Köping, Trollhättan, Uddevalla, Vänersborg och Västerås.

Vi arrangerar Length of Sweden Sverigetempot (LoSS) och Half of Sweden Sverigetempot (HoSS) 2016.

2016 blir också året då vi arrangerar ett ultralopp a la Race Across America, RAAM i Sverige. Swedish Ultrabike 610 (SUb 610) blir det första ”RAAM-style” ultraloppet i Norden.

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Ses ute på vägarna!

Next Swedish Ultrabike starts 26th August 2017 in Köping, Sweden

Anders Strömnes on track SUb610 2016

Anders Strömnes on track SUb610 2016, photo: Jonas Wiking

The next edition of Swedish Ultrabike 610 (SUb610) will start 26th of August 2017 in Köping, Sweden. Once again the course will be about 610 kilometers long and there will be a special bonus for the fastest rider in the solo class finishing the ride in under 19 hours.

There will be a solo class and a two-teammates class in RAAM-style with support vehicle.

In addition to the RAAM-style classes there will also be an alternative without the requirement of a support vehicle.



BRM 200 km 24 september Köping

Lördagen den 24 september anordnar CK Distans BRM 200 km med start och mål i Köping. Detta lopp blir avslutningen på säsongen för brevetlopp arrangerade av CK Distans 2016. Se under Brevetlopp i menyn ovan för anmälan med mera.

Swedish Ultrabike 610 2016 Team Effort

The key to success in an ultra bike race in the RAAM style is a well working team. The bike rider is relying on the crew members for support during the race.

All three teams of this years Swedish Ultrabike 610 seem to have worked well together. The crew members backing up the riders with solid performances of their own.

Team effort SUb610 2016, Anders Strömnes and crew member Kjell

A winning team effort. Anders Strömnes, the winner of SUb610 2016, getting some help with fighting off leg cramps from his crew member Kjell. photo: Jonas Nilsson

A lesson learned this year is that the sooner you can start bringing your team together the better.

SUb610 2016 Halfway Summary

At the turning point at Selma Spa in Sunne, Värmland, Sweden after 342 kilometers done, Anders Strömnes is in the lead with a time of 11 hours and 11 minutes. He is 1 hour and 12 minutes ahead of Peter Tonér in second place with 12 hours and 23 minutes. Jenny Westerlund in third place reached Sunne with an average speed of 25.2 km/h for 13 hours and 35 minutes. Anders Strömnes has averaged 30.6 km/h and Peter Tonér 27.6 km/h. The strong headwind have slowed the riders down. The wind did not die down until about a quarter to nine o’clock in the evening. By that time they had all covered half the race distance or more.

Jenny Westerlund SUb610 2016

Jenny Westerlund SUb610 2016, photo: Jonas Wiking

The longest ride Anders Strömnes had done before this race was 300 km (Vätternrundan), so he has already set a new personal distance record, even though he still has 268 km to go before the finish in this race.

Swedish Ultrabike 610 staying aero

For much of the day the riders of SUb610 have faced a headwind at times a rather strong headwind. Staying in an aero position on their bikes have helped them riding fast anyway.

Jenny Westerlund SUb610 2016

Jenny Westerlund aero SUb610 2016, photo: Jonas Wiking


Anders Strömnes SUb610 2016

Anders Strömnes aero SUb610 2016, photo: Jonas Wiking